Subrogation/Loss Recovery

Subrogation, or loss recovery, embraces a large spectrum of cases handled by Kanaris, Stubenvoll & Heiss, P.C. As part of our Subrogation Practice, we handle a variety of cases ranging from catastrophic fire losses, explosions and floods to commuter railroad collisions.

Kanaris, Stubenvoll & Heiss, P.C. represents insurers throughout the United States and abroad, as well as policy holders who have sustained uninsured losses. We also serve our clients in protecting their lien interest in worker’s compensation matters involving catastrophic injuries. Our client base also includes self-insured businesses and organizations seeking redress for losses due to the fault of others.

At Kanaris, Stubenvoll & Heiss, P.C., we consider every property loss to be a potential subrogation recovery. To this end, we assist our clients from the moment knowledge of a loss is received. Through recommending the necessary experts and consultants, supervising on-site investigations and preserving crucial evidence for subsequent litigation we take proactive measures to protect the rights of our clients, which might otherwise be lost.

Once the loss investigation is completed, our attorneys prepare a detailed factual and legal analysis for the client identifying all technical and legal issues relating to the loss.

Our Firm’s experienced team of Subrogation/Loss Recovery Practice attorneys work closely with our clients to provide effective guidance in evaluating the issues presented by a loss, and in determining the most appropriate course of action to obtain the maximum possible recovery. This may involve either a pre-litigation settlement or litigating a matter through trial.

Over the years, the attorneys at Kanaris, Stubenvoll & Heiss, P.C. have recovered millions of dollars for various clients through successful subrogation actions. These significant recoveries have been obtained through litigation, arbitration, mediation and negotiated settlements, and illustrate the Firm’s aggressive subrogation strategies based on a thorough understanding of the practical, technical and legal issues involved in subrogation.