Products Liability Defense

Kanaris, Stubenvoll & Heiss, P.C.’s products liability and mass tort attorneys frequently defend corporations accused of designing, manufacturing and/or distributing defective products. The firm’s products liability defense includes both individual suits and mass tort claims, where it is alleged that a product causedin damage to numerous persons or property.

In the products liability context, our attorneys have successfully handled cases alleging defects in oil refinery piping, plumbing components, valves, power presses, watercraft, automobile transmissions, manlifts, truck and trailer components, chemical products, office equipment, and various consumer products. In the mass tort context, our attorneys have successfully handled cases involving asbestos, pharmaceutical products, medical devices, chemicals, food products, and environmental contamination.

With respect to these types of claims, Kanaris, Stubenvoll & Heiss, P.C. frequently serves as national counsel for many clients, overseeing and coordinating their claims across the country. Clients with numerous claims have found that this ensures consistent handling of cases, avoids the pitfalls of potentially inconsistent positions, and ultimately decreases costs due to the attorneys’ familiarity with the products and issues that frequently arise in defending those cases.

Our attorneys also have wide-ranging experience representing product manufacturers with respect to product recalls, safety notifications, and disclosures required by law. This includes reporting requirements under the Consumer Product Safety Act.

In addition to defending clients after they are sued, Kanaris, Stubenvoll & Heiss, P.C.’s substantial product liability experience serves as the foundation for loss prevention counseling before claims arise. By performing comprehensive product evaluations and detailed legal analysis, we assist manufacturers and their insurers in drafting instructional, promotional and marketing materials pertaining to a wide range of products. By carefully recognizing and considering potential risks, and informing product users of such risks in a clear and concise manner, our clients’ liability exposure is reduced. Our product liability attorneys also work in tandem with the firm’s insurance coverage attorneys to advise and counsel manufacturers regarding their liability insurance programs in an effort to make sure they obtain the proper coverage for potential claims.